HYC Check In

How can I think of weight at a time like this? It’s Election Day! I voted bright and early at the polls this morning – and it was sort of exciting. There’s a buzz and camaraderie from seeing that my neighbors care as much as I do. I hope Barack Obama is our next president. I did my part! Get out and vote today!

In health-related news, this past week, I would like a do-over, please. I was plagued by the most vicious cramps I have had in years. And I could not bear going to the gym, and challenging myself. Even though exercise is recommended for pain relief, I was just not feeling it. The most I could do was walk the dog, which I figure is better than sitting at home eating chips. I forced myself to go this weekend, and last evening. I felt a little like I was clicking the “undo” button on my body, hoping that those two work outs make up for a week of not exercising to my full capability, and indulging in leftover Halloween candy (foolish!). There’s no sense in beating myself up, it was a not so hot week, and I can’t go back, so I’m going forward. The scale greeted me with my old pal, 224 this morning. I equate that to my swollen womb, and probably a little candy. Here’s to a week candy-free, and work-out full!


Anonymous said...

Do-over granted, lol. Hope ypu have a great wk and I'll be trying to stay away from the candy too...


sybil said...

Your hope was realized! Mine too. What a monumental day in the history of the USA.