HYC Check In

Happy Tuesday! I was surprised that the scale read 220.4 again this week. I’m glad that number wasn’t a fluke last week, but bummed that I didn’t make it to 219. I saw 219 a couple of times last week, after the Official Tuesday Weigh-In, but I guess it was not meant to be this week. Come on 70 pounds!

I really did well at my calorie counting last week. I was staying within the range I set (1750-1900) and wasn’t feeling deprived. Yay! However, my period is coming, and already the sugar is calling my name. So far, the bowl of Halloween candy in the office has beaten me today. But tomorrow is another day, and I can be stronger then.

Wishing everyone a successful week (and me too!)


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

congrats on seeing 220, AND getting the part!!

i'm going to start putting the "Dare To Suck" saying everywhere..THANK YOU !!


Heather said...

hey at least you were really close! congrats on another great week!

dadivastreet said...

Keeping my fingers crossed so you'll hit that 219 mark next week! Have a good weekend!

sybil said...

Good job on staying within your calorie range. I dropped mine down this last week or so and today I'm having a real struggle. I'm watching the clock waiting for the dinner hour!

Here's hoping you are below 219 this week.