Chicago, here we come!

Tomorrow we're headed out to Chi-Town (33 degrees with snow flurries - fun!) 1) for Mr. Black's cousin's wedding (I love being a wedding guest!) and 2) so I can hug and squeeze one of my dearest friends, and hold her beautiful baby girl for 48 hours. I'm very excited as the baby is about 8 months old - not so old that she can crawl away from me, but old enough that she won't sleep 17 hours a day. I plan to teach her the phrase "I love Aunt Sara" while I'm there - I'm sure she'll get it in no time. Neither Heather or Teale were able to meet with me this trip, which was a bummer, but we're going to make it happen the next time I'm out that way.

And I must confess, along with baby squeezing, I want to do some big eating while I'm there. Midwest steak dinner? Sign me up! Chicago-style pizza? Yes, please. And oh how I love going out for breakfast. Is this a smart plan? Not really, because I know myself. I know that being on vacation is sometimes a trigger to my brain to stop eating smart portions and counting calories. I also know very well that when I return home and I step on the scale and if I see myself way above 220, I'll feel deflated, disappointed in myself, and regretful. Are those feelings worth the taste of all that food? Definitely not! For the first time in my life, I checked to see if the hotel offers a fitness center. I'm taking my work out clothes, and hope to knock out some exercise in the mornings before hitting the town and lifting my fork. I have never even set foot in a hotel fitness center. Strange that this is the woman I've become. Will I be successful? I hope so. If I can return home with a minimal gain, or even better, maintaining, I'll be a proud, proud lady.

Have a great weekend! And cross your fingers I eat well. That means smart and tasty!


Scale Junkie said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! Many restaurants now offer turkey sausage and egg beater eggs, whole wheat toast. I know you'll pick and chose your indulgences, you always do!

Have a blast!

Heather said...

have fun - I really wish that I was going to be around to get together with you. next time around, and we can go for some very unhealthy but delicious chicago deep dish pizza!

Twix said...

Have a safe trip!! If you are around central Il, email me. We could go to the best kept secret for Italian food!

Amy S. said...

Have a blast on your trip. Hotel gyms are not that bad, I seem to live in them. Some can be scary, and some put the nicest gyms to shame. Either way, you can always sweat. Wishing you safe travels!