Thank you, America!

I am so proud of my country. I am so proud of the Obama campaign's new-voter registration efforts. I am thrilled that the right man is going to be our president. A man with integrity, vision, poise, and intelligence who truly cares. I also am so proud that a person of color was elected in a country where racism still exists.

My only diappointment today is that California did not overturn the gay marriage ban. This is divisive cruelty. It breaks my heart to think that my brother and his fiance won't have the same rights as hetero couples. It makes me furious that if one of them should be in an accident, or land in the ICU, the other won't be allowed to see him. When I was in the hospital in 2007 for my gallbladder attacks, I was scared and in so much pain. It would have added to my stress level if Mr. Black couldn't hold my hand and tell me everything would be okay. Same-sex couples are creating families with love - it doesn't take anything away from your life to allow them to have access to their partners in the hospital, or to allow them to say proudly, that's my wife or husband. I would not consider myself a politically active person, but this is one subject that is close to my heart. Eventually there will be equality, that's all I can hope.

And now back to our regular exercising and eating well.


Heather said...

I agree!!! So thrilled! Unfortunately I heard another state, Arkansas maybe?, banned adoption for gay couples. Now that just pisses me off! its sad that we can come together as a country for something yet still be so separated on other issues.

Hanlie said...

I couldn't agree more! I really thought that Prop 8 would be defeated!

Congrats on your wonderful new president!

disa said...
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