HYC Check In

This week's weigh-in brought to you by regret. Today the scale saw 226 even. No change from last week. I am grateful for no gain, but realize that I could have had a loss if I had avoided the salt-water taffy (thanks, SWF - it was so good!), ice cream and black licorice that was in my house. Sometimes I have candy-craving weeks, and that was this week. I was also feeling dejected and frustrated about the state of my weight. I wasn't consciously seeking out sugar as a way to console myself, but I was using want versus should to direct my food choices.

A group of ladies in my office are lately all fired up about Peter Walsh's It's All Too Much book on clearing the clutter from your home and life. He makes a point with one client's home that they had a play room for the kids that was full of kid's artwork, toys and clothes leaving no room for the kids to actually play in. The Mom was dismayed on how to part with any of it. He pointed out to her that she was placing more importance on storing old things rather than giving her kids a place to play. And I realize that over the past week, I was putting more importance on sugar than nutrition. It has been a long time since I have had a week where I ate sweets with abandon. So this week I am placing the emphasis on protein - UP, exercise - UP, journaling - UP. It's a shame that my journey is taking the trajectory of a roller coaster, but better to realize it rather than throw in the towel.

Here's to a great week of great choices - I'll meet you back here with a positive result in 7 days.


Christy said...

Just wanted to say HI! I see your part of the Christmas challenge too!! Your doing so great!!!


Chubby Chick said...

Hey... did you notice that while you were riding that rollercoaster... I was seated behind you? lol

Enough is enough. We're both getting back on track... and we are going to see a significant weight loss by Christmas!

Here's to a great number next week!

And remember... sugar is the devil. hehe

Heather said...

I wouldnt worry about it..you are just getting started with something new so it may take some time for your body to adjust to the new plan.

Scale Junkie said...

Sugar sends me on the roller coaster ride and I now avoid it for my own sanity and the safety of those around me.

CC has it right, sugar is the devil...pure evil!

Next week will be FABULOUS!

Paige said...

It IS a rollercoaster. Unfortunately, I'm still in the starting line up, waiting to take off. Good luck to you, and don't give up.