HYC Check In

Grumbling and grousing I type this entry. Today the scale greeted me with 226 exactly. That is almost a pound, but no cigar - a .8 loss. Pbbtht! Last Friday, I was down to 224.6 - I guess I should have posted it then to celebrate it. Someday it will come back to me!

I'm tired of thinking, okay, seriously - you've got to do something about this. My eating is great - I am eating my beans and greens and fruits and doing it up right. However, my exercise is not challenging enough. That's got to be it. I am being rewarded with a full body sweat each time I visit the gym, but it must not be enough. This evening I incorporated some of my new "On Demand" exercise moves into my routine at the YMCA, and it felt good. I regret to inform myself that I will most likely need to add an extra day to my 4-day a week routine. But I will gladly go to get this extra weight moving off.

I hope everyone else had a stellar week!


dadivastreet said...

Hang in there, the weight will go down! Maybe that extra day will be just what's needed. I know I have to give thought to my eating plan. I know a change is needed. Have a great week!

Heather said...

yeah it sucks sometimes that it takes BOTH diet and exercise, but unfortunately its true. it took a while for me to accept that, but things really dont get moving with just one or the other. but you will get there.