HYC Check In

It is a sad thing when one finds one's own blog boring. Only posting once a week? Boring! Only wallowing in their failure to ramp up? Boring! So on to the boring news. My husband and I went away for the weekend to a beach cabin with some friends and had a rollicking good time. But we returned on Monday, and since Tuesday was my first day of work and I stumbled bleary-eyed into the bathroom, I didn't weigh myself, thinking it was Monday. Not that I'd like to see that number anyway, methinks.

My exercise was on target last week - and boy howdy, Pilates was very challenging since I hadn't been there for 2 weeks, which made me think that I need to do it more than once a week.

Goals for next week:
  • Prepare breakfasts and lunches this weekend
  • Journal
  • Portions, portions, portions
  • Create a new exercise routine that involves using my own body weight because believe you me, there's plenty to challenge myself with
  • Write more than one blog entry a week
  • Visit the challengers

Does anyone know if plyometrics are as painful as they look? They look both scary and effective to me. Maybe I'll introduce them to myself! Off to check in with everyone else!


Teale said...

Hey Sara:) I have been bad about reading my favorite girlies, but thanks for still readng me! I think that salad sounds delicious! Now did you mean that just those ingredients were the "salad" or did you actually put this on lettuce? Either way, it sounds great! I think it also sounds like a great salsa! I am going to try making this & featuring it on my blog!

dadivastreet said...

I saw that one of the members on the blogroll listed plyometrics as something she's doing. I looked into it & saw this: Plyometric exercises carry increased risk of injury due to the powerful forces generated during training and performance, and should only be performed by well-conditioned individuals who are under supervision. Not that fit & NOT trying it! LOL! Have a good day!

Heather said...

glad that you are having a good time! sometimes thats the price you pay on the scale, but Ive gotten some good advice about that in the last few weeks and have determined that as long as we dont go hog wild, its important to have fun and live life and not get so hung up on every little thing that appears on the scale. you know what you need to do to see the number that you want on the scale, so jsut focus on that. I hear you on the exercise...a few weeks of only a day or two and im dying!

Cammy said...

You blog may be quiet, but it is never EVER boring!

Looks like a great plan for getting back in your groove! Get to it! :)