HYC Check In Week 34

Every time I fired up Blogger to post this today, I quickly made myself get distracted with something else. I am failing. Again. My weekend was not sugar-free, but it was booze free. Baby steps, yes? I exercised, I ate pretty well, although I am terrible about tracking my calories on the weekends, and supplemented everything with sugar. I keep thinking I deserve to eat what I want. This is embarrassing. I know what to do, I just need to figure out why I'm not doing it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sara! Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to checking on your progress. :)

Cammy said...

I know you're frustrated, but I'm glad you do recognize the positive steps you're taking.

What if you took the baby step of giving yourself permission to have ONE sugary thing each weekend day? Would it help to know that it wasn't off-limits? Or would it just set the wrong tone for you?

Chibi said...

Building on what Cammy suggested, is a cheat meal/day an option, or is that invitation to go completely off the rails?

I know for me, declaring anything off-limits is a guarantee that I will 1) crave it, 2) stuff myself with a bunch of junk trying to avoid eating it, and 3) end up eating it ANYHOW. To that end, nothing is "off limits": I don't end up feeling panicky, out of control, or resentful. If I have a cupcake, I just do my best to make sure I leave a little on my dinner plate (and so on).

Do you have a smart phone or iTouch? There are lots of apps out there that help with food tracking (I *adore* Lose It on my iTouch), and because it's portable, it's easy to keep up with every day of the week (well, it is for me, anyhow... lol).

You'll get there. You're already part way there. :)