HYC Check in

I've also decided to weigh in once a month. My weight fluctuates so much, that I can't take the pressure I put on myself to weigh in each week. The end.
I had a fairly successful week this week! I completed my strength training routine only twice, while 3 times a week would be the optimum, but I'm not going to fret. I'm also pleased that I've been able to increase my weight resistance, and unfortunately, I can tell that I am able to increase my squat repetition, but ouchy - don't wanna! Maybe next week. In the not-so-successful column. The eating. Rich foods at social occasions - my Achilles heel! But here's a new week, a chance to eschew cheese in favor of fiber. But not tomorrow, because it is my birthday! I'm exercising tonight, taking the day off tomorrow to sleep in and having a leisurely lunch with my husband and go to the movies. Delightful.


Emma said...

It sounds like the plan to weigh in once a month is the right one. I'm just really starting out (yet again!) but am planning that once I've lost a certain amount of weight I won't keep such a tight track on things because of natural fluctuations etc. Do you track your measurements? I just do my waist and I find that really useful. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!

Heather said...

glad you had a successful week! nothing wrong with getting what workouts in that you can - every bit helps. and Im glad that you are making a choice to weigh yourself when you think its best and what will help you be most successful. Happy early birthday!