Back at it

Since my last post in September, you could say a lot has been happening and not happening. Personal-life, very busy. Professional-life, very busy - with a dash of conflict to keep things spicy! And weight-loss life? Nothing happening. Until now.

Normally I stop blogging due to the shame of sitting in my house eating cheese and cookies by the handful, but that's not the case, this time. I've just been busy and frustrated and stressed out, and happy and full and content in a great big pile, and not writing about it. Which also means that sadly, I have also abandoned leaving comments for all my favorite bloggers in the HYC - bad support person! Personal reflection shows that inherently, I am not a writer. (I'm a storyteller! Listen to my funny tales - if only I could talk into my blog, this would work.) BUT, writing about my life and my lifestyle change brings focus to my weight-loss efforts, and so let's just do it, already.

Since it is Tuesday, and time to check in, today the scale said 220 - and has been there for about a week, so let's hope it isn't a fluke. I'm grabbing a 70 pound badge from ScaleJunkie and posting it with pride. Here's to moving forward and downward. And to blogging!


Teale said...

Long time, no see! We've missed ya!

Chibi said...

Awesome - way to go! :)

I joined the HYC late last year, so I don't think our paths have crossed. This sounds weird since I don't "know" you, but welcome back!

Cammy said...

Woo-hoo! New bling!

glad you're back! Have you considered having a vlog (is that what they call a video blog?) instead of/addition to this one? Just a thought!

Heather said...

glad to hear from you, Ive missed reading your posts!