HYC Check In

My last check in for 2008. In honor of the last check in (and the fact that I'm menstrual and have been eating like cheese is going out of style), I'm off the scale this week. Since this is the last check in I've been thinking about all I've learned in 2008 while participating in the Healthy You Challenge:
  • I like shopping for clothing when I have lost weight
  • I won't lose weight without exercise - and vigorous exercise at that
  • Weighing every day is helpful
  • I love finding new and creative ways to cook healthful and tasty food
  • I love doing Pilates - and how strong it makes me feel
  • I love looking at the muscles in my body
  • I enjoy the support and friendship blogging brings me
  • I need to focus on cutting down on my sugar intake (I'm sweet enough, right?)
  • Journaling my food keeps me honest, strict, and leaner
  • I am inspired by all the Healthy You Challenge members and their honesty, humor, discoveries and determination
  • I am capable of getting to my goal weight. It's not an impossible dream.

So with that, I venture into the Healthy You Challenge 2009 - determined and inspired and ready to kick some butt! Thank you to everyone who has offered their support here - I look forward to another successful year!


Mama Bear June said...

You are awesome! What a great attitude. I can tell you are ready to take on 2009. Happy New Year!

Path to Health

Wei Sic Meow said...

That is a great list. And a great outlook. Bring on 2009! Happy new year!!

Heather said...

wonderful! such a great list and it shows that you did have a great year. I know 2009 will rock for you!

Amy S. said...

Hooray for fresh starts. I love the list!

Becky said...

You're awesome! You did awesome!

sybill said...

What a great year you've had Sara. Thanks for being you. Your cheerful, upbeat personality shines through every comment you leave.

Your list is marvelous. Isn't it cool when we figure things out and then have the confidence to stand by our decisions. It just shines of strength....


Hanlie said...

Oh I'll definitely be here in 2009! Hope you have a great year!