HYC Check in

Happy No-Weigh Tuesday. This little experiment of not weighing in started off slow. My brain sent me messages a la Gollum, like MUST GET ON SCALE – GETTING WEAKER – MUST SEE POUNDS AND OUNCES – JUST FOR A MINUTE – MUST CHECK PROGRESS. It took two days for me to actually keep my promise to myself and just get into the shower without stepping on the scale. And this morning I really wanted to get on. It was a pretty powerful urge, akin to standing in from of the breakfast buffet bacon station and willing me to only take 4 pieces. (If you don't love bacon, insert favorite food here.) Have I mentioned that it is my birthday week? Of course I have, it is my most favorite day of the year!! I’m saving my weigh in for Saturday morning, the day of my party, and thus commencing 3 days of celebration until the actual day. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t ruin my whole day. Actually, I need to make the decision now that it won’t ruin my day. Period.

This was a pretty good week for exercise and eating.

--Only missed one work out, but compensated for it with a long walk
--Kicked ass in Pilates class, so much so that I can still feel some ab burning 4 days later.
--Ate all of my pre-planned meals

My “Opportunities” (once I went on a job interview and they asked me what my opportunities were. I was like, um, this job? And they then clarified, no silly, “Opportunities for improvement.” Barf. Why can’t you just say what do you need to work on?)

--Had a mindless eating moment. Went out Friday with hubby to a Mexican restaurant, and that basket of chips and bowl of salsa came out, and we dug in. When we asked for another basket and bowl, and they came and I dug in as well, I realized I was eating mindlessly. How many chips had I had? I didn’t know. I can’t journal them if I don’t know. Yikes! I redeemed myself by eating only half of my chicken fajitas and stopping when I was full.

--Journaling, not so much. It is tedious. But I am realizing that this is the last week that I committed to staying at 1600 calories, and April is when I begin another quarter at 1500 calories. EEEK! What will I give up?

I am having some work conflicts which will cause me to miss my workout tonight. So I need to be pristine in my eating until the bacchanalia on Saturday. I plan to enjoy myself, and not count calories. I don’t plan on binging, but I don’t foresee saying “no thanks, I’ll pass.” very often. I will listen to my body and not eat too much just because it is there.

Hope you all are having a great week!


Grumpy Chair said...

Wow, I hadn't realized you had lost 60 pounds! That is awesome.

Loved your Dress, bra post.

Heather said...

it would be so hard to stay away from the scale, so I give you so much credit! I know it helps though to focus on other signs of a healthy life, so Im sure it will be eye opening. and happy birthday week! sounds like you have a fun week ahead of you. (and I hear you about the mexican restaurant..those places are never good for me either :) )

Cammy said...

Overall, an excellent week, I think! Some victories, some struggles--such is life!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Skinny Inside said...

Oh my, you reminded me of an annual fall ritual at college with Bacchanalia! 60 pounds is fantastic!

Felicia said...

Sounds like you are doing GREAT!! Keep on keeping on!!!


Tori said...

Your on a roll, keep it up!
60 lbs. is incredible!