Boobs, sizes and dresses, oh my!

How to make yourself feel better when the scale doesn't move.

1. Buy a new dress for your birthday party.
2. When it is 10 pounds too tight, ask your seamstress/work out buddy friend for advice.
3. When she says - "body shaper" - heed her advice and get thee to the Lane B
4. Find helpful sales woman who doesn't mind talking about your chubs
5. Have her measure you for a new plunging bra and discover that your band size is 6 inches smaller than it was 1.5 years ago. And, your cup size is still a D with a smaller band size. This should not matter to you, but it might.
6. Rejoice as you try on a couple of different bras and your saleswoman does not mind you pulling open your dress to say "I think the left one looks too squooshy, don't you?"
7. Hike up your Spanx and feel beautiful in your new dress.
8. Buy red patent shoes that make you feel a little sexy and like you might be too old to wear them, but you're doing it anyway.

The end.


Chubby Chick said...

I bet you look like one hot mama! We better get pics! hehe :)

Lynn said...


Hanlie said...


Tori said...

Very interesting!

Lady Vea said...

You are sooo cute!

Heather said...

definitely sounds like a way to make yourself feel better! I bet you are gonna look great! take some pics.


Red shoes are never, ever a mistake. I own five pairs. No lie.

I want pictures! (of the dress, not your squooshy boob)

Scale Junkie said...

I love it!! I'm sure you looked as gorgeous as the picture I created in my mind when you described it, squishy boobs and all!

Teale said...

I must say I am extremely jealous of you losing 6 inches around, but not losing any cup size. I went from a DD to a C and I miss those suckers!