Funk solved!

No weigh in today. It was shockingly high this morning, which I attribute to the wine I had Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend, (busy social girl!) and the fact that I am at the peak of my cycle. Which, by the way, I "became a woman" over TWENTY years ago - you'd think I'd be able to tell when I am having a hormonal mood swing by now, for crying out loud. This was a long one, which I think is why it didn't occur to me. It is amazing how powerful my emotional swings are. But again, eating well and exercising have eliminated my cramps for two months in a row - that is a serious first for me.

So if we don't post weight, here are my NSV's for the week!
  • I exercised 5 days in a row - hooray!
  • I listened to my body and waited for it to get hungry (and apparently thirsty, with all that wine, eh?)

My challenge this week - a weekend with old friends at a wedding reception, which will have lots of food and drink. Another complication, it is in my old college town, so I'm already having memories of my favorite eateries. Being nostalgic about food is a serious pitfall of mine. The other problem? The reception is a luncheon, (at which I'm singing - those poor guests who have to listen to me!) so we arrive at 11, disperse at 2:30 and then are to meet up again for a dinner later that evening. However, with that schedule, exercise is most likely not in the cards for me. I know, I know, I have at least a few hours before dinner, but that's going to be spent visiting. So I'll have to make good choices, yes? Yes. Always facing choices. I hate that feeling when my time is taken away from me, and I end up having to ask myself over and over again - do you want to eat that, or do you want to weigh less? I want both, dammit! Must remember to have a lot of vegetables, and not as much wine. I'm writing that on my hand, I think.


Hanlie said...

Yay for the NSV's! Wine trips me up too, so I've decided to just avoid it!

Lady Vea said...

Sounds great, and you know you are doing great. Just eat slow, and remember to focus on the other activities around the gathering (aside from food). You will do great since you are already planning ahead. Yay for out of the funk-ness, that is a NSV too I think.

Heather said...

wine does the same thing to me too! I wish I could say that it makes me not want to drink it as much, but thats not the case! great job with your NSVs though - listening to your body is important and 5 days of exercise is fantastic. good luck with the wedding reception, I know you will be able to do well. if you know what types of things will be hard to resist, then perhaps eat something small beforehand thats healthy so you dont feel as full when you are there and eat as much of your meal. or if you are a big drinking at weddings (as I am), then just eat light and be sure to pick drinks that you can have fewer of and enjoy, but still get a little tipsy from!

She-Fit said...

Great accomplishes for the week! I'm sure the weight loss will show next week... no more wine :)