HYC Check In

This morning my scale said L o - alas, I don't think its talking about me. I think it means low battery. Which is fine with me, since this is my TOM weigh in - I'd rather not see that higher number today!

This weekend was delightful - I was able to be distracted from feeling lonely because my dearest friend and her hubby and baby were in town from Chicago. Making googly faces at a 15 month old, and walking around the zoo were far more fun than wishing my husband was home. Hooray! My food choices were not the best - but I walked and walked and walked every day - and even made it to the gym on Saturday. I am definitely feeling like I've got a handle on my eating, despite taking a detour through Dick's. I know exactly what I ate, and made sure to make my other meals as good for me as possible. I had the strangest phenomenon - in the TMI department - this is the first menstrual cycle that I've had in months where I didn't want to eat 16 pounds of sugar every day. I can't tell if it is because I'm eating less sugar in general, so maybe less sugar in, less sugar craved, or something else? Whatever made me sugar free is fabulous so I hope I figure it out!

This week I want to focus on doing more arm exercises at home, even though I'm unable to hit the gym, being on puppy duty. I can do more, that's for sure.

Back next week with fresh batteries and a real weigh in.


Hanlie said...

I love healthy eating... It removes the PMS symptoms. I was very surprised when TOM showed up this morning!

Mama Bear June said...

Healthy eating really does help the PMS, I think. :-)
Path to Health

My 3 Month Challenge said...

Haha I wish my scale would tell me that my weight is "L o" too :>

Great job on all the walks!! and getting to the gym!

Heather said...

i also got the low battery warning myself! Im glad that your PMS symptoms havent been as bad. I noticed when I really starting working out consistently, my cramps decreased drastically to the pt where I dont feel them at all. unfortunately the bloating, irritability, and cravings are there, but at least its something. Im glad that you are noticing wonderful effects of your healthy lifestyle.