HYC Check In

Arrgh! 224. Again. Still. No gain is a good thing, but no loss is a bummer. How to change that? I've made myself a pot of black bean soup for lunch this week. It has served me well in the past and Elise's recipe is delicious – despite my forgetting the sweet potato and skipping the ham. The lime juice and cilantro garnish seals the deal for me. I'm hoping that it will quell the snacky lady that lives within me. I guess that old adage that the last 10 pounds are the hardest is true- although in my case, it's the last 34, but who's counting?

I really was feeling encouraged and invigorated a couple of weeks ago, and I so easily allow myself to get deflated by a setback. My sugar intake was way better than it has been, but it is still there. A list of goals this week – making them public usually makes me way more compliant.

  • 5 days of exercise
  • Only 2 days with sugar (baby steps)
  • Calories at 1,750 - with wiggle room for heavy exercise days

I must list one yahoo for the week – I went into the ladies’ section at Macy’s – the ladies who are size 14 and under mind you, and was able to put on an XL shirt and XL exercise pant. I felt furtive and like I was going to be kicked out based on the size of my lovely self, (because I am ridiculous) but I didn’t. And I fit into the clothes. By the way – who is buying $30 silk screened work out clothes? I have a problem paying more than $15 for something I’m going to sweat in. But I digress, there’s a hurrah for me to put under my pillow on days like to today when I feel frustrated. I gotta keep on keeping on.


Heather said...

sorry to hear you are still in your plateau, but just keep holding strong. Pears always help me, and supposedly asparagus and pine nuts are supposed to help too. My go to plateau kickers are usually pears, almonds, and dark chocolate! sounds random, but I find it works. probably psychological too, but they are all loaded with fiber..so no mystery heheh. Congrats on shopping on the shopping trip!

Carleen said...

I loved hearing about your macy's experience- i recently had something similar... and it felt GREAT!!!! I share your joy...

no worries on what the scale says- keep your head in the game and you'll be fabulous :)

Teale said...

Hey lady, I haven't checked in with you in awhile, and I see that you've been MIA for a couple weeks. Hope all is well!