If you bite it, write it

Journaling and I are like competitive co-workers. We know we’re good for each other if we work as a team, but most of the time, we don’t get along. When I was following the Weight Watchers’ Way in 2005, which requires journaling, I loathed it then. I loath it now. Why do I have to write it down? I know what I’m eating, so it really won’t be that helpful, I told myself as I hastily ate a candy bar and reasoned that I would make a mental note to not overdo it at dinner, and then not write it down. But time and time again, Journaling proves to be effective. I am trying to be committed to using FitDay. A great resource for tracking all things weight loss related. My fearless leader/inspiration, Mel is starting a FitDay challenge this Friday, where we have to use it for 10 days. I have a vacation planned for the holiday weekend, and so I won’t be able to log each day, but maybe I’ll keep a pen and paper record? Gah, I’d sooner give up coffee and half and half for a day (only one!) than write down what I eat on vacation. So here’s a public promise to write down as much as possible.

I do notice that before I eat something, I do think “Do I want to write this down? Do I want to “spend” my precious calories on this?”. And lordy, I eat a lot of fat. Shall I cut back? We’ll see. So, I hope to be super diligent before my vacation so I can enjoy myself some more. Cocktails! Dessert! Fried things! Tune in for the weigh-in on Thursday to see if any of this malarkey has paid off.

Ooh! I also found a great resource for finding some commercial foods that FitDay doesn’t have. It is a similar site:

Also, this works well too:


Now I have no excuses for not finding out the true data of what I’m eating. My inner child is pouting, though. *stomps foot* Don’t wanna!

Today and Thursday will be challenging. Have a fancy client lunch at fancy restaurant tomorrow. And Thursday is lunch with the girls at a sandwich shop. Turkey sandwich, totally doable. Good grief, will I become a nerdy customer who asks “Do you have nutritional information I could have”? Bleh.

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