HYC 2009 Check In

Drum roll, please for the first official weigh in of 2009! Today the scale saw 222.8 – hooray! What a relief. I went to the gym three whole times over my Christmas and New Year’s break, so apparently it was effective. I’m pleased that I only gained and lost and then settled at a net gain of 3 pounds in December. I seriously thought it would end up being closer to 6 or 7.

For 2009, I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself to hit a certain number – or, at least not an unreasonable number. And looking at my weigh in from January 2008 – I only lost 16 pounds in 2008. 16! But I bet my stress bucket lost at least 50 pounds. So here are some fitness goals for 2009.
  • Fit into a size 14 pants (I'm pouring myself into an 18 now)
  • Do some Pilates work on my own at least twice a week, rather than just once weekly at my class
  • Get my weight somewhere under 200 pounds - 199.8 counts!
  • Lose the guilt on indulging. If I'm going to eat something off plan, or not work out as hard as I can/should, then I have to accept what I did (see also only losing 16 pounds in one year)

In housekeeping news, my schedule at work is going to go crazy like bananas for the next two weeks, we have 19 reports due by January 15th, and our office is packing up and moving on the 16th, and the 16th is opening night of my show, so I'm in rehearsals every night until then. So posting will be spotty at best. I’ll see you on the 19th or so! Happy New Year!


somebodys mother said...

I just wanted to share something I do during times like this. I know I will not be working out as much the next week and a half. Instead of worrying about not doing my regular workout (and beating myself up for it) I do what I call exercise snacks. I force myself away from my desk a few times during the day and walk up to the top floor of our building. Before you think that's too much it's only three flights to the top. Also I take 15 minutes of my lunch to take a lap around the outside of the building. Not anything strenuous, just a walk. It gets me breathing some fresh air, and most importantly moving. It also amazes me how much less stressed I feel about work if I take that little walk. Good luck with the office move (we just did that a few months ago) and again, break a leg.

Cammy said...

Whew! Not a horrible gain at all!

I like your goals. They're reasonable and attainable.

and you better believe 199.8 counts! :)

SuperFunHappyChick said...

You may have only officially lost 16 pounds this year, but we, your friends, see a profound difference in your body shape, and just as importantly, your habits and positive mental state. It is so encouraging to see you shopping at the food co-op, and to be inspired by how seriously you take your workouts and how you honor that time for yourself. Think of this year as the time your body needed to re-adjust to this new you, and get psyched up for the next level of the new new you. Luv U and super proud of U.

Mama Bear June said...

You are awesome! Keep up the great activity!
Path to Health

Heather said...

congrats! glad that your hard work payed off. you have some wonderful goals for this year so good luck - I know you can achieve them!

Amy S. said...

Good luck with everything you have to do, I also think 199.9 counts!